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Thread: when to replace multi-compund tires

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    when to replace multi-compund tires

    I have been using Michelen P2s and P3s over the last few years.
    The P3s I put on 16k miles and have people telling me that they need to be replaced.
    There is plenty of thread but the front has squared off since it's a dual compound.
    I don't see any wear bars, so is squaring off the time to replace them?
    Since it is in for service I am having new tires put on but would like to know when to replace them.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    I personally don't think a squared off tire is a reason for replacing them. As long as the wear bars are good, I try to get as many miles off of my tires as I can. Safety is not compromised in any meaningful way.

    But handling starts to get weird and annoying. I start to forget whether my bike has always handled this way. Of course I get used to it. As a cheapskate, I put up with it.
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    I/m not sure there is a single answer to this question. I think it depends on the model bike, the rider, the typical riding environment, and any special circumstance.

    Some BMW models handle better and are more forgiving and compliant than other BMW models. So having a squared-off tire will affect the handling of some bikes more than others.

    Some riders are much more spirited than other riders. The slowed turn-in will bother a spirited rider much more than a less spirited rider on the same roads.

    If a bike is used mainly in traffic commuting, or on the Interstate or other long straight roads the squared off tire will be less of a bother than if the normal riding environment is twisty.

    If a rider is headed out on a trip of some duration and variety, or is headed to the hills for a day of fun, then the expected future life and handling characteristics will have a bearing.

    So, the short answer is, when the squared off tire causes the bike to handle poorly in an urgent or emergency situation, or simply when the change in handling is a bother to the rider, then it is time for a new tire.
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    My front PR2's and PR3's get unbearably loud at some point - as they develop a ridge on the front tire off to the side of center (on both sides) - apparently the transition point between soft/hard rubber.

    That's when I replace them, and am always delighted at how well the bike handles again. Lots of rubber left on the tire, but I value comfort/handling over $$..

    FWIW - the rear PR3 seems to be an improvement over the PR2 in this wear pattern, it isn't developing the large scalloped ridges the PR2's did on me. It appears I'll be running 2 front PR3's to each rear PR3 now (the rear has about 11,000 miles on it now..)
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    Usually I find it's the rear tire that squares off. What I don't understand is why a dual compound would contribute to this. The center part is actually harder than the shoulders of the tire, so it should actually wear more slowly. It sounds as though there has been a lot of straight road passing under these tires. Is the rear squared off also?

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    The sides are wearing down because they are softer.
    I asked the service manager at Max's in NH this question about when to replace them.
    He said that these tires are known to last a long time (16k+ miles for me) and to check the depth on the middle part to know when to replace them.

    I had the bike in for other service and had them replace the tires while it was there.

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    I had rock hard bridgestone battleaxe tires that looked good, around 40% tread left. After an 11 hour day of almost all twisties, I arrived home to find a front tire that looked more like a "V" with a rounded bottom than a tire. Oddly, I did not detect any handling difference. I was quite surprised when I saw it. Replaced tire the next business day. Looks alone made me not want to ride on it.
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