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Thread: trade in value on a 2002 R1150 RTP

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    trade in value on a 2002 R1150 RTP

    Hello, I need some advice.

    I have been toying with the idea of trading in my 2002 R1150 RTP on a new or demo 2012 R1200 GS[A]. Is it worth trying to trade in an RTP ? I really don't need two bikes.

    The problem is it is a police RT. This becomes an issue when looking at the value. For example, Kelly Blue Book lists police bikes at about half the price of a normal RT. at $2810. In contrast, a regular RT of the same year is valued at $4160.

    The dealer sold me the bike in 4/2011 for $8900. If I go to the same dealer, how much should I expect to get on a trade in ?

    Purchased : 4/2011
    Original cost: $8900
    Original millage: 47000
    Current Millage: 74000
    Condition good, ridden daily, no issues.
    No major cosmetic issues new tires.
    Warranty: Zurich extended unlimited millage good until 5/2014.
    Tires: new

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    If your bike will clean up really good the dealer might take it on trade. Then again he will want to do a 24K service on it. Add the price of the service plus anything the bike might need to get it ready to sell then profit and overhead of $2000 and subtract that from what you think the bike might sell for. So 1500 to $2000 dollars for your bike.

    Now with the waterheads coming out, you might want to wait and see if BMW introduces them with unsold 2012GS's on the showroom floor. You might be able to get a good deal on a leftover.

    Then you have an RTP with a bad internet reputation, well so do I. Which bike would you rather buy one ridden by a professional, serviced by the book by a BMW trained mechanic. No expenses spared. Then again you can buy the civilian RT abused and put up wet by a sports rider that tears up transmissions, clutches, final drives, etc. Then the maintenance side, its hard to beat a BMW mechanic at his trade. The issue of added on accessories and other shade tree mechanic repairs makes me shudder.


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    I don't think you're gonna be happy.
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    If you can afford to, keep the RTP and get the GSA. You wont be sorry.
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    Well, in my humble opinion, you paid too much in '11. And you'll be paying again if you trade it in.

    Try to sell it privately. Get what you can and be happy with your new bike.

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    They made a profit. They are not going to give it back to you on trade. You could sell yourself and do much better. The tax break you would get on trading it does not offset the amount in difference you would get if you sold on your own. Sell it yourself. You don't need 2 bikes but that does not mean you need to take a bath. By the time you sell it I am sure there will plenty of farkles you will want and can spend the money on.

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    Values on RTP's are erratic. Sometimes as much or more than a similar RT, sometimes less. Kind of like selling a jeep with a a big lift, RTP's are a niche bike and won't have as big a market. The value of the bike is itself is similar to a non-police model, but far fewer buyers will be interested in one, hence the adjustment we often see. I've had trade in offers on my RTP from 2 BMW dealerships and a harley dealership that were near or at what I had in the bike. If I converted mine to a conventional RT, it would cost more than any potential gain in resale value. If you don't get a decent trade in offer, don't trade it in, at least not at that shop.
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    If it were me, I'd either keep it or sell it myself without trading to the dealer.

    While trading to the dealer usually requires less effort, in this case I think you'd lose too much.

    You've had the bike for a year and a half, are happy with it, it's running well, got good tires, put decent trouble-free miles on it...why not keep it? Or, given those characteristics, it definitelyl would be worth more to a private party than a dealer would give you in trade.

    Just my 2 cents, so you know what that's worth.
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    as most everyone has said, keep it and sell it outright to a private buyer. The dealer probably doesn't want it, but will take it at a low trade in value if you insist on trading it. Even though most police models get excellant service, most people don't want them unless the price is cheap... JMHO
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    When it comes to RTP bikes the only reason I see to own one is to save a ton of money on the purchase of the same engine and drive train as a civilian RTP. They are purpose built for police use and when they are done with them there is a reason why they auction them off cheap. I agree with the comment that you paid too much for such a bike.

    I was looking at some ads today and saw 2005 R1200RTP with 16K miles on it for under $2,750.

    It's going to be hard to get much for an 1150 with over 70K on it, let alone find a buyer. Dealers here will not take any 1100 or 1150 bikes in on trade any more. An RTP? Not a chance.

    I would keep it if you like it or sell it on Craigslist or some place like that.
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