Hello, I need some advice.

I have been toying with the idea of trading in my 2002 R1150 RTP on a new or demo 2012 R1200 GS[A]. Is it worth trying to trade in an RTP ? I really don't need two bikes.

The problem is it is a police RT. This becomes an issue when looking at the value. For example, Kelly Blue Book lists police bikes at about half the price of a normal RT. at $2810. In contrast, a regular RT of the same year is valued at $4160.

The dealer sold me the bike in 4/2011 for $8900. If I go to the same dealer, how much should I expect to get on a trade in ?

Purchased : 4/2011
Original cost: $8900
Original millage: 47000
Current Millage: 74000
Condition good, ridden daily, no issues.
No major cosmetic issues new tires.
Warranty: Zurich extended unlimited millage good until 5/2014.
Tires: new