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I'm very fortunate that on my 1200GSA, there's a beautiful pocket of calm air behind the windscreen at any speed. I don't know if it's my height, etc., but it works perfectly. If I flip up my helmet visor, there is barely any wind in my eyes. Wind noise is minimal. This is with the stock Adventure windscreen.

However, I'm making plans to get an F800GS instead. My days of pleasant contentment in the air might be numbered.

I made my comment earlier because one of my riding pals is on an endless quest to cure his wind troubles. It seems he fails to understand that there will always be some wind while riding a motorcycle. I liked the car analogy because it would fit for this guy.
Now is the time to take several measurements on your GS. For starters:

1. Seat where your butt sits vertical to top of windshield.
2. Horizontal distance from your face to the top of the windshield.
3. Width of the windshield.
4. Angle from vertical of the face of the windshield.
5. Radius of side-side curvature of the windshield.

Then when you get your F800 you have the baseline dimensions of an air pocket that is perfect for you. To fit a new shield to the 800 you try to find a shield that matches those dimensions.

One tricky part is the height of the shield because they describe their height as top-to-bottom irrespective of how high it mounts on the bike. Another is how forward or aft the mounting point actually is relative to where you sit. Take a look at the Parabellum shield and mounts for the F650 (single) Dakar and ask yourself why they mounted it that way, way forward.