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What type of helmet are you wearing? I just dumped my modular and went back to my old full face and the wind noise is cut in half. It has a noticeably thinner profile and fewer joints to create air leaks.

I thought a modular would be great but for me, not so much. The wind roar, even with custom molded shooting ear plugs, wears me out.

I'll be going back to a 3/4 open face with a bill type visor come warmer weather.

Screw these echo chambers posing as helmets.

I'm just wondering if I will still be allowed to ride my Beemer if I don't wear a full face helmet?
Shoei Multiec. Noise isn't from the helmet construction...it comes in at the base of the helmet in the rear...vortex turbulence. If I shrug my shoulders I can block it, but that is a short term fix. However, with my earplugs installed, I rode 100 miles at 50-80 mph in the canyon/mountain route today, and it was fine. Did I hear wind? Yes. Was it intolerable? No. In fact, it was a hell of a great ride. Stock windscreen on bike. VStream back in the box. May sell it...or cut it down.