Left Saint Joseph, Mo last Thursday.
420 mile mostly on US 36 and US 61 then minor roads to Anamosa, Ia.

Museum was closing in 15 min and they recomended America Inn. Ten bucks off for mentioning museum and designated m/c parking under the front canopy (watch out for the Harley puddles) closer than the H/C parking!

Museum was awesome. Found 5 bikes like, or similar to, ones I had ridden.

Across southern Wisconsin on 11. Not real twisty but numerous miles of ridge roads with fall colors for miles and miles. Small towns every ten miles but I was in no hurry.

Stayed at the marina in Racine. Hadn't seen lake Michigan for a while.

Knocked on the door of a friend I hadn't seen for 42 years. Much catching up.

Day trip from there to HD museum in Milwaukee. Parked the R1150RT WAAAY back, just in case.

Another great museum with really good chili and sandwich at snack bar.

More catching up with my old roommate and through the windy city for Indianapolis. Must have had the GPS set for maximum Walgreens. Think I went by 5 before I stopped and reset for fastest route. Five toll booths and one black Ducati with the second loudest pipes I've ever heard, I was in Indiana.

Old dude in a restaurant wanted to know all about my new Tourmaster jacket and Chinese exchange student in Brando jacket wanted to know about the RT. Reminded that people don't do that to car travelers.

Motel in Indy.
1. Couple of bus loads of high school kids in town to march in something staying at the motel. Where were they hiding when I checked in? Except for their loud-mouthed keepers visiting outside my door, quiet as a mouse.
2. Cowboys and Aliens on HBO.
3. All of the kids had the only restaurant in sight filled.
4. Waited them out and by that time some guy was doing Karaoke of Merle Haggard (I swear).
Is there another winner above a tri-fecta? A quad-fecta?

Bus ride around the Indy track and OK museum. Looked like most winning cars but not much tech. Worth seeing for me anyway. Cars from when I was a kid with much variety. Had seen time trials of Indy cars in KC lately and thought it was the greatest snore in racing.

A surprise drop-in and free bed at my brothers east of Springfield.

A 32 degree morning and 7 hour ride home. Heated grips on high and windshield full up but never got cold. Fun Burma-Shave like signs for gun nuts through Illinois.

1550 miles
46 mpg
5 days
1 pint oil
0 hassles