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Thread: VIN plate - how to bend it

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    VIN plate - how to bend it

    OK, small triumph for me in figuring out a good way to get this done.

    My /2 came with a VIN tag that wasn't original. I got one from vech, and it was flat and needed holes drilled. The big problem was bending the plate to the proper curve. It's just thick enough that it's hard to do, and do completely.

    So here's my trick, with an admittedly poor photo. I'd do one thing differently, if I was going to do it again.

    Get a 32mm socket, and put it in a vice, as in the picture. What I'd do differently, if I was going to do it again, I'd put a piece of cardbord between the socket and the jaws of the vice. The socket has to be deep enough in the vice so that you have enough room to put the side of the VIN plate between the jaws and the socket. Then bend, and turn it around to bend it the other way. The cardboard would be to ensure that you don't scratch up the plate. And there you have it!
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