The last time I took my 1978 R100RS out, it started right up just fine -- after several weeks stuffed in the garage while there was a constant threat of rain. The problem is that the clock, voltmeter and tachometer all decided to stop working simultaneously.

This machine is 34 years old and it's possible, but not likely, that all three instruments died simultaneously. The voltmeter has been jumpy for the year or so that I've owned the machine and the damp environment the past few weeks may have done some kind of nastiness.

Still, I have to think something easier (and cheaper to fix) happened. I popped open the headlight and saw a small group of fuses in there and all appeared to be fine. I have a Haynes and Clymer's manual. The Clymer's, I believe, says the fuses are under the tool tray. I looked there and didn't see anything that resembled a fuse box.

Can anyone feed me some ideas on how to tackle this?