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Thread: 2005 R1200RT-gel battery life?

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    2005 R1200RT-gel battery life?

    I bought a new BMW gelcell battery in May of 2011, temperature in KS dropped this last week, so I plugged charger in last night. Last rode on Wednesday, the 3rd, but when I unplugged it this am to go to work, it would not turn over. So I plugged it in and it started, took charger to work and left it plugged in all day, but red and green light stayed on all day. Plugged it in when I got home and both lights are still on, wonder if anyone has had to replace a gellcell this soon? Dealer was closed today, so I will check it in the morning, but plan to keep charger with me till I find something out. Does a gelcell battery take longer to charge than an acid base battery? Thoughts?

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    There are no guaranties when it comes to batteries. And I am not talking about warranty.
    You can have 2 batteries manufactured on the same day in the same place and one will last 7 years and the next will last 3 months.

    Tighter tolerances during manufacturing do help but are still no absolute guarantee.
    I pulled out my original Gelcell (manufacturing date showed late 2004, as I purchased the bike 2nd hand) just around 4~5 months ago. Not because it had dropped it's capacity to start and run the bike, but rather as a pure precaution.
    But I also live in a mild climate.
    Replaced it with a 680 Odyssey and I did not see any improvement in cranking.

    I would suggest to go back to your dealer and hope that he will replace it for free or at least offer you a replacement with a large discount.
    But you really have to check yourself or get the dealer to check your electrical condition, either for parasitic current draw, charging issues or simply too high a current draw due to too many high current accessories.
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    This morning when I checked it, only the green light was on, so battery appears to be charged. bike started up, I rode to work, but brought (BMW) charger with me. I think I may get lucky this time. Thanks for your response.

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    FWIW, next time (every four years), consider an Odyssey.
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