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Thread: ESA Question 2007 R1200RT

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    ESA Question 2007 R1200RT

    New to BMWs. Recently purchased 2007 R1200RT with ESA and without the stereo.

    According to the Rider's Manual to adjust the Spring Preload: 1) Start the engine, 2) Briefly press the ESA Button on the left handlebar, then Press and Hold the ESA Button until the display flashes then you can adjust the Spring Prelaod accordingly. On mine the display never changes, it stays in "2 Up". Is the problem with the electric motor that actually adjusts the preload?

    Being that I am larger than the 180 some pounds specified in the manual this setting may be about right for me but I'd sure like to find out what's wrong with it.

    Mike Kane

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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    After you see the 2-up, did you press the button again? That should cause a change.
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    Welcome to the forum! One suggestion, read:

    I've added that info to your thread title in the hope that someone with experience with your year/model will open the thread. The ESA function has changed I believe over the years, so it is somewhat model specific.

    Please add that info to any thread titles for threads in the tech sections.

    Thanks and welcome again!
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    I hope the suggestion to press that button again has resolved the issue...if it has then slap yourself on the forehead and breathe a sigh of relief.
    There have been some failures in the ESA. They can be from a problem in the motor or what are apparently unresolvable issues in the computer. I dimly recall a thread on this forum about it a while ago.

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    ESA change

    You also have to be in neutral. Press and hold until the esa symbol flashes. Press repeatedly until your selection appears. Don't press again. In the next few seconds, the preload should change noticeably.
    Good luck.
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    2007R1200RT ESA Problem

    That's just it. No matter how long I hold the ESA button down the two helmets NEVER flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanem View Post
    That's just it. No matter how long I hold the ESA button down the two helmets NEVER flash.
    It sounds like your "preload" function has frozen. Thats a not so uncommon problem. I can't tell where you're located, so I'll leave it at that...

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    On our 09R1200RT, the ESA started acting oddly one winter. I spoke with the dealer and they advised that low battery voltage was the likely cause. I've kept the bike on the BMW-specific Deltran charger since then and the ESA problem has not returned. I suggest ensuring that your battery is well charged and to use some form of a battery tender if you aren't already.


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