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Thread: Stupid oil filter question

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    Stupid oil filter question

    The filter I just replaced on my latest /5 project came with two rubber ends. I'm assuming those are replacements for the original small black o-rings that went on the ends of the filter, but figured I'd ask the old-timers here.

    Also, this isn't the setup with the $2000 white o-ring, it's the other one. Although it appears someone put the $2000 white o-ring around the edge of the inner oil filter retaining plate. Was that a clever mod or just some misunderstanding by a PO?

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    If you are talking about your 1973 R75/5 there is no big white "O" ring used although it usually
    comes in the box with a new filter

    The filters for a long time now have come with rubber ends pressed into the cartridge - look
    something like short pieces of rubber hose - the smaller rubber "O" rings shown in parts
    diagrams are no longer used

    Be sure there is no old "O" ring deep in the canister on the tube left by PO otherwise you
    probably will crush your new filter

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    What does the cover look like that you bolt to the outside of the engine case? Is it flat or is it dished in the middle? See here:

    If you have the flat cover, which makes the most sense with the early filter setup, then there is no place for the large white o-ring to be used. I can't see how the dished cover could be used as there is a point on the inside the projects into the canister and is support to stick inside the most outboard small opening of the has the black o-ring on it.

    With the flat cover, you need to only use the thin paper gasket. With the dished cover (for the /7-on setup), you typically do not use the thin paper gasket (have to measure the canister depth to be sure) but do use the large white o-ring and one or more of the thin metal shims (again, measurement of the canister depth will determine how many, but at least one is needed).
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