I just bought a 1992 K75 which sat with only a small tarp cover for over 2 years. It wasn't running but I installed a new battery as a start toward at least getting it running. When I first tried cranking it there was some weak firing but didn't respond too well to the throttle as if running way too lean. I cranked it again using the "choke" full on resulting in gasoline accumulating in the exhaust pipe after about 10 to 15 seconds of cranking. It did not fire even once. I decided to try leaning it down by clamping off the fuel delivery line between the pump and fuel rail (i know this would not be advisable) and it ran great for about 5 seconds until the fuel line was empty. I tried again to crank it normally and.....nothing. To see if the fuel delivery line was pressurizing, after.about 10 minutes I loosened the fuel line at the fuel rail and it still had considerable pressure. I let it sit for a day and now it starts and runs terribly like the mixture is too lean but the plugs are sooty but dry and it won't really run at all at small throttle openings. This is my ninth BMW over 20+ years, five of which were fuel injected but I have never encountered anything like this. Any ideas would be appreciated.