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Thread: 2010 RT and Metzeler Z6 Tires

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    2010 RT and Metzeler Z6 Tires

    I not happy with the dual compound tires I have been using on my 2010 RT. They wear quickly and in no time change the tire profile enough to change the handling of the bike.

    I met a RT rider recently who was using Z6's on a 2009 RT and has had great wear and no major profile change other than some flatting in the center. This is the second report I have gotten from rider's on these tires.

    My questions are are the Z6's single compund tires and what is the difference between the Z6 Roadtec and the Z6 Roadtec Interact ?

    Any feedback would be helpful.
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    They are all dual compound.

    The interact is the way the tire is laid out. something about the belts. I have used
    z6 with good luck except there is no center tread with wear bars.

    I have the Z8 on my R12ooR. Its a good tire. 4200 miles still looks good. Holds the road great. Both front and rear are showing wear. 2 or 3 thousand miles left in the. I have a Pr3 waiting to replace the Z8.

    Go to the metzler web site and read about the compounds and difference in tires.


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    I have Z8 Interacts on my '12 R1200RT and at 7500 miles they are about done.They will be replaced by PR3s. YMMV

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    Tire wear depends on the rider.

    I get about 2500 good miles on a Z6 "oldstyle" and 2000 on the Z6 interact. Good miles means I replace them because they no longer corner well. I could get maybe 700 more "legal" miles on them if I chose. But you hear guys on RTs that claim 10k miles on these tires.

    I currently prefer the Pilot Road IIs.

    If you ride aggressively, your tires will wear quickly, and wear more on the edges than the center.
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    2010 R1200RT, had the Metzler Z6's. They were terrible. They wore square, were loud and fishy in the curves. Replaced them with Michelin Pilot Road III's. After about 3,500 miles on the Road III's, I couldn't be happier. They are smooth, great on the open road or the twisty's. Unfortunately I got the opportunity to try them in the twisty's in the rain, they were perfect. They seem to be wearing much better than the Z6's.

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    I had 2 sets of the Metzelers on my '10 RT. 12,000+ on both sets. Very good in the rain. Never tried anything else since I was happy with them. They never cupped, but did get the flat spot. New '11 RT was delivered with Battleaxes. Can do 80 in the rain with no problem (like the RT's). We'll see how they hold up mileage wise.
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    Contrary to previous posts, neither the Z6, Z8 or their Interact variants are dual-compound. They are all single-compound tires. The difference is that the Interact version of the Z6 and the Z8 use varying belt tension across the tread width to affect the tread temperature and, therefore, the friction coefficient. The belts in the center of the tread area are tighter - making the tire tread there stiffer, cooler, and longer lasting. On the sides, away from the tread center, the belts are looser - making the tread there softer, warmer, faster wearing. So, the Interacts behave similar to a dual-compound tire while only using a single-compound without the transition effects found at the interface of the two compounds on other dual-compound tires.

    Our 09R1200RT came with Z6s. When they wore out, they were replaced with the Z6 Interacts. When those were done, I switched to the Z8 Interacts and am now on the second set of Z8s. I first tried the Z8 on the K1600GTL on a weekend demo in the rain. I was quite impressed with the wet grip and confidence that they inspired. That experience carried over to the RT as well. The Z8s don't seem to last as long as the Z6s, but feel better in the rain and leaned over. The Z8s also feature better wear indicators near the tread center (something lacking on the Z6). I appreciate the improved all-weather traction of the Z8 and am willing to trade shorter tread life to get it. I don't expect much more than 5000 miles from the Z8 on the rear and a bit more on the front (compared to about 6000 miles on the Z6).

    Tires seem to be personal like shoes and oil. Individuals have differences of opinion (both objective and subjective) about what they like best. Good luck with YOUR choice.


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    My 2010 RT came with Metzeler Z6 Interacts. I have 9700 miles on these tires. They started cupping at about 5000 mark, unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.

    Hard to imagine no tire company has figured out how to make a tire that won't crap out at this low mileage. It's RIDICULOUS that we the moto consumer end up paying $300.00 + for any set of tires that are toast at less than 10K.

    My riding buddy and I bought a tire changing machine to save a few bucks but still, they're ALL expensive to replace.

    I'm considering 2 brands of tires, both which offer a "B" or "GT" version indicating they're for extended mileage for "heavier sport touring" motorcycles. The Continental Road Attack 2 "GT" and the Michelin PR3 "B" versions.

    In fact, I introduced a thread here to ask for any input about the Conti RA2 "GT" on an RT but so far, no replies.
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    It seems that everyone has something good and bad to say about all of the tires available. I think riding style and air pressure will make or break your experience with any tire.
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    In the last 4 years I have owned 3 different sport touring bikes that use the same size tire. I have logged close to 40k over the same time span. Whether Moto Guzzi, BMW RT or BMW GTL I get around 6k out of a set. I have bought Metzler Z6, Z6 Interact, Z8s and Pilot Road 2s and all have had had the same wear. Well, the Michelin wore quicker. I am anal about tire pressure and check before every ride. I bought a very expensive pressure gauge so I could be as accurate as possible. I have used nitrogen, run higher than recommended pressures, recommended pressures and have run the flats of Indiana to the Mountains of Utah. It does not matter, 6k is all I get before I want to replace. Sure they have tread left but are cupped badly. I got over the tire wear and just decided it was the cost of riding. If a 95 HP Guzzi eats them as quick as a 160 HP monster what else are you going to do? Suck it up and ride.
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    Pirelli Angels..........Enough said. I love em, they tend to not cup, are quieter than all the others that I have run, but still only get around 6K out of them.
    Paul Witt
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    I mounted the Z8's on my 2010 RT at 15000 miles, and now have 24500, and I may get another 2000 miles out of them yet this year. That's great tire wear from what I'm used to. Great traction wet and dry.

    I'll replace with another set of Z8's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAINEY View Post
    It seems that everyone has something good and bad to say about all of the tires available. I think riding style and air pressure will make or break your experience with any tire.

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    Mixed tires

    I was traveling in GA and bought a Z8 for my front. After I got back from my trip, I ordered one for the rear; but my order got "lost" and I had to buy a 880 for the rear. I will keep this configuration. Both are wearing much better than the Z 6 tires they replaced. I was nervous about having different tires on front and rear; but this is a terrific combination.
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