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    I got some boots from RevZilla.
    Good price, right boots and right size, all ok.
    I also like their videos. They have the best and most informative videos on any product that you might want to buy.
    Definitely a good company to buy from.
    I should also mention Draggin Jeans. They exchanged pants for me with no hassle. And the pants fit me.
    That is something I cannot say about any BMW pants.

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    Free Beer


    MAD DOG here Beer Garden chair.
    I posted this comment a while ago on another thread, maybe you didn't catch it.
    Essentially, a brilliant piece of marketing; very well received. I got MANY compliments and also more than a few, 'did not know who "Revzilla" was, but will be sure to look them up." I hope that this piece of goodwill translated into increased awareness and traffic for you.
    See you in Salem. Stop by if you have a spare moment.
    Ride safely,
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    I've bought some things from Revzilla and have been very happy with their service. Currently waiting for them to ship an Acrapovic exhaust can for my F800GS.
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    I have been buying my motorcycle tires from them for years. They will match any price and I get my tires in 2 days or less. They are great to work with and you get Teamzilla cash back. They do a lot of video reports on their products which is very helpful. No I do not work for them.
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