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Thread: RevZilla

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    I don't believe that I have seen any compliments to RevZilla for their contributions to the rally. They are definitely generous to us. Perhaps other attendees have compliments about other vendors?

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    +1 to Revzilla!

    I've made a few purchases with them recently because of their MOA Rally support.

    My first beer at the beer tent in Sedalia was courtesy of Revzilla! So were my second and third, but that's another story.
    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

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    Thanks for the love guys.

    Glad you enjoyed the brews.

    - Anthony
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    We purchased a mesh jacket for my wife from them this summer and ended up needing a different size. Very easy to deal with, simply send the jacket back and wait for the replacement. Very painless. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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    Great video product reviews too, especially on the Sena bluetooth headsets.
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    Thumbs up Revzilla

    I really appreciate their involvement in our Rally and support to our riding community. I recently purchased a Klim Latitude Jacket and a pair of Gerbing T5 heated gloves and a dual controller from them. The buying experience was very positive and the product informational videos were very helpful in making my decision. I will definitely purchase from them again and would recommend them to anyone. I'm also a firm believer in supporting businesses that support our events, I think it's important to utilize vendors that donate their time and money to our events as a means of showing our appreciation for their support. Thanks Revzilla!

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    Thanks RevZilla! Is it year two of your great rally involvement? After Bloomsburg,
    I purchased a nice Olympic suit because of your advertising; very good transaction.
    So, the cold one was appreciated & I have another coupon and "web-bucks" burning
    a hole in me pocket! Please come west next year; I'll be thirsty by Kansas.

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    As anyone who attended Sedalia Rally knows the cold beer was a welcome treat.
    I also have purchase items from this great vendor and find them a preasure to deal with!

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    Wow, thanks again for all the feedback.

    I love this community. Such great people.

    Would love to hear if you guys thought the beer was a hit! I really thought it was a no-brainer.


    2007 R1200GS

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    Free beer is always a hit as is your companies excellent customer service.
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    +1 to RevZilla. I used the coupon to order some Olympia gear when I got home.

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    Thumbs up Big Thumbs up to RevZilla

    Kudos to RevZilla. Not only did they give everyone a free cold one, but they sweetened the pot with a coupon in every rally pack. I used mine on a set of Anakee IIs for my GS.

    Their website has a wealth of info on various products. From the video reviews that Anthony and others do, to the product ratings from other customers, it's a top-flight website. It doesn't hurt that RevZilla also has very competitive pricing. Thanks guys!
    Robert Peterson | Cary, NC | 68820
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    I bought from them once...and the experience was so over the top pleasant that I kept going back: tires, pants, C3, SRC, more tires. The beer was nice, but I was already sold on them by then!
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    Cool great people to deal with

    this was my first moa rally and never have heard of revzilla before but have bought a few things from them and really like there customer support hope to see them in origin

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    I will definitely say that Revzilla staff is outstanding. They are always very helpful with inquiries, and returns are a non-issue.

    Keep up the great work Anthony. And the product videos ... Outstanding. Only suggestion on the video is to have the camera guy track what you are pointing to or pull back from the tight shots a bit.

    Doug, 2011 R1200RT Polar Metallic
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