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Thread: The Optimate 4 charger and the 2012 RT

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    The Optimate 4 charger and the 2012 RT

    I bought the Optimate 4 charger to maintain my 2012 R1200 RT's battery because of its capacity to do it through the Can-Bus system. My dealer advised me against using it in Can-Bus mode, for some obscure reason (maybe to help them sell the 4 times more expensive BMW tender.) Can someone tell me of their experience with the Optimate 4, especially in Can-Bus mode? Does it actually charge? Are there any dangers to the Can-Bus system involved? I know that in Can-Bus mode, the Optimate 4 does not go through the desulfation process (when detected) and limits itself to 16 V., but apart from that?

    Thank you.

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    I have been using the canbus model for over 18 months on my 2011 1200gs no issues at all, it does it's thing desulfating the battery weekly, only issue is GPS must be disconnected or it starts every time charger kicks in
    on my 2012 1600 dealer recommends not charging though factory outlet seems their a issue with bike computer that BMW has not addressed, installed a power outlet direct to battery and run charger through it. Again not a problem with the optimate charger, issue is with bike

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    I used the Optimate 4 last winter connected to my 2011 1200RT and everything seemed fine. Bike fired up after 4 1/2 months of sitting idle. Used the factory outlet for connection.

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    Thanks for your replies. I do have an outlet that leads directly to he battery, but I have to retrieve it where it's nestled down and under, next to the left pannier. I like the convenience of using the Can-Bus outlet, which sits right up there on the left fairing, . At my age, anything that prevents bending down, or crouching or kneeling is welcome

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