I have purchased a new to me 93 k75s .When i purchased the bike it neede a few repairs but the bike ran and started . The only indication orf a problem was the ABS light and the hazard warning light was on.
I replaced both the leaking brake lines front and rear and found a bad rear brake light switch which i replaced. We bled the system and all the brakes worked great.Reset the ABS computer to attempt to shut off the warning lights. Started the bike and took it for a test ride with no problems other than the Abs light starteed blinking again. I parked the bike and left it over night the next day whent to take it for a ride I turn the key and everything is dead except the clock. Here is what I checked
1. Battery at 13 volts but drops drastically if ignition switch is turned on
2. checked ignition switch with ohmeter seems to work properly
3. checked all fuses
4.checked ground connections
5. checked relays and unplugged ABS system no change
Any body have any ideas