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Thread: Enduro Products Saddlebags

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    Enduro Products Saddlebags

    A recent very productive barn find has left me with a nice pair of Enduro Products Saddlebags made in Milford, Conn.

    Outwardly these look like the the popular bags by Enduro Products for /2 or /5 BMW
    These are made by the very same people who made the popular teardrop "Enduro Bags" for BMW /2 and /5
    They bear the mfgr sticker "Enduro Products" "65 Noble Ave" "Milford, Conn." inside the lid

    However these are not for BMW - the slope of the shock indent is much more

    My question for this forum is specific stated below:

    Does anyone know or have link to catalog info which would tell me which bikes these
    people produced bags for? I want to properly identify the bags intended use.

    Found in proximity to Indian, Motoguzzi, and BSA motorcycles but do not seem good
    match for Motoguzzi Eldorado in the pile or BSA A65 in the pile
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    Taking a picture(s) and posting it would help. You could also looking through this website and see if you see something that looks like it.
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