I have been working to solve a stuttering problem for some time and have isolated it to no spark signal from Motronic (ecu) to right side stick coil. Both stick coils are good, and spark well on the left primary side. The bike does run ok until you crank throttle down 2k-5krpm and you experience a hesitation at high rpm. I have closely inspected the stick coil connector and all 3 leads at connector (black tracer/green-ecu signal lead, green tracer/black-12VDC lead from ignition and brown-ground to cylinder head (re-installed to ensure ground). With gas tank removed traced ecu lead all the way to ecu plug, and performed continuity check on female plug to ecu (pin 32) also with male side (pin 32) of ecu. I did notice pin 32 and 33 on ecu show as a short on continuity test (0.002), this leads me to believe the ecu sending same signal to both stick coils at same time. After looking at used ECUs on ebay $145-$500 I decided to connect (splice) the right side stick coil lead (the one not receiving ecu signal) to left side. And now both stick coils are firing. Afterwards I did perform another TBS (still dosen't idle at 1150 with 1.5 BBS turns-only around 900) but it does run smoother and almost no hesitation during my short test ride. Does anyone out there know if this is a problem? I plan to ride to work all next week so I guess time will tell. Worst thing I could do is fry Motronic and then I will be back looking on ebay (same as yesterday).

By the way, I just went through an ABSmodulator replacement (found one one ebay). I do still have my original unit (servos seemed to stay on all the time) servo pumps are good, but I do not have a tool to remove the control module. Has anyone canniballized an ABS and replaced a contol module?

Any help on the Motronic (ECU) question would be greatly appreciated.

2004 1150RT 29K Miles.