I would like to hear from any of you that have lowered your rt and how succesful it has been for you. ie handling etc.
I am thinking of lowering mine by one inch and am presently talking to Ted Porter at the Beemer shop and once I know what I am after I would have it ordered and installed by Eurosport of Asheville, NC. I'm not sure but I believe Ted P. now has a shock that is compatable with BMW's ESA setup. Plus by going the one inch I believe the factory side and middle stand for the lower version will work.
I'm letting Eurosport order the parts just to support the local dealer in this plus their charge for parts will be the same as if I ordered it directly from Beemerville myself. I like the 30 minute ride to Asheville much more than the 2 hr. to Greenville, SC.
Thanks for any help on this.