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Thread: 1990 K75S - bent bike - need some parts :(

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    1990 K75S - bent bike - need some parts :(

    Yep, riding home today in traffic, I was looking everywhere but where I should have been and ran into the back of a Honda Civic.

    Second gear - maybe 20 mph? Over the handlebars I went, landed on the roof of the Honda.

    Wrenched my right shoulder, twisted my left thumb....extremely lucky to be basically unhurt.

    The bike is ok - but neither good nor great...barely ok I guess. I've got a photo here, but it's not the greatest. I might be able to get a better one tomorrow, but I'm leaving town for a few weeks so no promises.

    Two bent fork tubes, badly bent rim, and the belly pan and fairing are trashed.

    I'm not too worried about the metal parts - I imagine they won't be too hard to find, but a marakesh red fairing and belly pan? Anyone??

    What a drag, I feel like and idiot. Thank god it wasn't worse.
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