Yesterday I broke the bolt (M8x25) that holds the strut going from the forward frame, in the area of the oil cooler line and alternator, it broke flush with the frame.

The bolt went in easily but when I went to torque it, it turned more than it should have. I took it out, examined it, put it in and proceeded to tighten it with a hand allen wrench (4"). It snapped then.

Is there any reason I shouldn't drill a hole into the bolt and back it out--or is there a better way?

Also, I haven't broken or stripped a bolt for about 40 years so I'm kind of surprised this happened. M8 is pretty big. Does it sound like a defective bolt, one that was over-torqued originally, or some thing that I did wrong?

Can I use any old bolt that I find that fits or does it need to be the BMW part?

Thanks for any help.