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Thread: '90 K75S Rear Light Fault Warning Question

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    Question '90 K75S Rear Light Fault Warning Question

    I recently bought a 1990 K75S, no ABS, that came without a manual. Can you help me figure out if my warning light is working right?

    The rear light out warning light comes on solid when the ignition is turned on, and goes out when both front and rear brakes levers are first used. It stays out unless a bulb is bad (one was, so I know it works) but it never flashes. The brake switches and all lights work just fine, tail/brake lights go on and off exactly like they should.

    I found a 1994 manual, which says that the rear light warning comes on solid with the ignition, and changes to flashing when you operate the brake levers, provided everything is working normally. It says it doesn't flash (I assume it stays on steady) if there's a fault. There is no mention of it ever going out, but it must at some point, otherwise it couldn't come back on if there's a fault while riding.

    Does the flashing apply only if you have ABS? Is mine working right for a non-ABS bike?
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