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Thread: Moto Recycle Title Service?

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    Moto Recycle Title Service?

    I am trying to get a title for an old bike. The title was evidently lost somewhere by somebody many years ago. Since then it has passed hands several times. I was thinking about using Moto Recycle title service to get a title. Has anybody ever used them or do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I used International Title Service a couple of years ago for an old XS650. Worked out just fine and IIRC cost about $160.

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    Here in Ar we just go to the DMV and file for a lost title......Just the cost for a title...Under 20 bucks I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Layton View Post
    Here in Ar we just go to the DMV and file for a lost title......Just the cost for a title...Under 20 bucks I think.
    Wow. Nice.

    I've also heard that in the OP's state of Tennessee it is pretty easy to obtain a title. I've heard that in certain counties all they need is A RUBBING OF THE VIN, otherwise an inspection by the DMV/police is sufficient. This is all hearsay, but I've heard it several places.

    Last time I needed to get titles for old bikes, I lived in Missouri. In the past couple years, they've gone from pretty easy to making it as frustrating as possible. There are exceptions of employees who don't know the proper procedures, but by law, it is supposed to be frustrating. Many people recommended ITS, but I found a guy in another state who was able to obtain titles really easy. Scary easy.

    I've also read that the state of VT will issue a title/plates to people out of state with which you can transfer easily. I don't know the specifics of that because I only just recently discovered it.

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    Massachusetts didn't have a title law until 1972, so lots of old bikes out there have potential issues. Not sure about when your state started titling vehicles, but there is a ton of Tennessee info online.
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    While KY has a modern title law , if you have a notarized bill of sale you can title a vintage bike for the regular process fee. I do a title only on bikes not yet road ready.. I could help you with this by you selling me the bike(sort of & on paper) but the catch is a an out of state sale calls for a sheriffs VIN inspection. IF? you happen to be near the border you might have a KY person pull this off for you then sell it back to you(sort of). TN law is???

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    As crazydd said, it's fairly easy in Tennessee to get a title yourself. Here is the form you need for the DMV:

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