I don't do the Apls, or ride for 1000 mile days: see how fast I can take the Dragon.
Nope none of that, just rides to places I never been when away from home turf.
With a 150 mile tank, it makes you stop every few hours and get something to drink, and maybe chew on. I mostly ride alone, most of my riding buddies don't ride like I do. 100 mile day is a long one for them.

I sometimes go down to Ohio, pick up my 38 year old son who rides a KLR, and we will find places to ride in southern OH. This weekend rain or not we will go down to WV, stay a couple of nights out playing on roads with lots of curves.
My son also races bicycles, so he tends to ride a little faster then me, he might even be a better rider due to his bicycle riding, and the 100 miles days he rides that bicycle.

I just like rides at my pace. I recently went for an 84 R100RT, to a 2004 CLC. This is taking some getting use to, but I miss the ease of the 84 sometimes. The CLC does do nicely, and has all those bells and etc.: Only the parking lots turns do you really notice the heaviness of the MC. If I get stuck on a interstate the CLC is a lot nicer I must admitt.

So monumental, earth shaking, rides, just 300 miles days at 7+/- miles over must speed limits. Of course a hidden smile and a wave at every 2 wheeler I see.