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Thread: Tips on buying a used bike longdistance

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    You need a ton of pictures. Then have the VIN run by your local dealer. Now it is time to get serious, figure out how much it will cost to get the bike home. If you have to stop at a dealership for repair will it be on a day they are closed? Will the failed part be something common or will it have to be shipped in. BMW dealers aren't big on stocking parts prior to becoming a dealership. So airheads and older K bike's (bricks) won't have a lot of parts laying around the shop. How many BMW dealerships are on your route home?

    The tires, you want to know what manufacture date is on the tire and pictures of a tread wear gauge measuring the remaining tread. It would be nice to know what other brands of bikes wear the same tire in case you have to buy a tire from a non-BMW shop.

    How good of a mechanic are you?

    How much has the bike been ridden in the previous year? The past three years? I like to see 6,000 miles or so per year.

    Did the guy you are buying the bike from do all the work on it himself? If so, when you go to sell the bike you'll have problems. Buyers really like to see BMW shop maintenance records.

    Does the bike have expendables with it? Oil and gas filters? Extra oil, electrical bulbs, clutch & throttle cables? Things a rider would keep with them?

    Plates? Will the owner let you borrow his plates to get home? Want to chance it and use one of your plates? What are the state laws where you are buying it pertaining to a temporary plate? Will the owner give you a clear title and bill of sale at his expense in writing?

    Weather, whether you want to chance riding a bike home in inclement weather. Maybe you could take another route?

    Payment, got to make sure the owner will take a personal check, bank draft, postal money orders, paypal, etc. I wouldn't get one money order in the exact amount, but several money orders in case I had to negotiate the price downward.

    Deal only with the owner.


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    I used Keyboard for shipping on a purchase once. The driver did everything but tuck it in my garage. I couldn't have been more pleased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogitu View Post
    If it sounds too good to be true, don't. Get someone from MOA anonymous to check it out for you.
    That's great advice ! Wish I had thought of that, it might have saved me a lot of trouble !

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    I have bought quite a few bikes at distance. You need to use some common sense. Make a list of questions before you contact the seller, and make a note of the answers. Try not to get over excited about the purchase. Offer a refundable deposit, till you can look at the purchase in person. If the deal doesn't feel right, something is probably wrong. I've bought 5 used BMW's since 2006 and have been happy with the results, but the next one could bite me. So be carefull and happy shopping...
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    Quote Originally Posted by patiodadio View Post
    That's great advice ! Wish I had thought of that, it might have saved me a lot of trouble !


    ++ 1 on that advise, a pair of eyes you trust, can make all the difference.

    With out that pair of eyes, and their opinion...?.... Even with asking all the right questions, photos & are still at the mercy of the owner, and trusting his honesty

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    Thanks for your replys. Some great suggestions. I'm still looking but I feel more prepared to make the deal. Thanks

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