I searched the forum and found some good tips and this good thread complete with photos:

So here's my dumb question for the day. How do the fuel lines actually disconnect? Mine don't look like the ones in the photo in the above-mentioned thread. One side is a black plastic hex fitting and the other side is some kind of metal dohicky inside a black plastic cover. Do you just pull them apart or do you twist and pull or are they threaded male and female? I don't want to start wanking on it until I have a pretty good idea what's supposed to happen.

Also, how much of a mess should I expect from the pressurized hose? Does it gush out like a firehose? Unfortunately the tank is almost full of fuel so I'd like to drain the fuel somehow before trying to remove the tank.

Since I'm into it this far I'll go ahead and get a set of the metal fittings. Is this what most people recommend? http://www.beemerboneyard.com/cpcqkdiscon.html