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Thread: ignition issue on 1968 R60/US

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    ignition issue on 1968 R60/US

    When I depressed the "key" in the headlight bucket to kick the old girl over I was rewarded with oil or neutral lights, no horn, nothing! The battery is fine as I just rode it last week. I seem to recall having a similiar problem in the past and think it had something to do with the position of the key when shutting off the bike. I believe the plastic teardrop must be straight ahead in order to start but am not sure. Is there some type of internal contact that can break or otherwise cause this trouble? I am fairly certain it is a simple fix and would appreciate any thoughts before I look into the headlight shell. Thanks.

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    "The battery is fine as I just rode it last week"

    Are you sure? It is easy to pull the key out with the lights on and walk away
    Battery will be totally dead when you return

    The plastic teardrop key needs to be centered in line with the bike centerline when you remove the key

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    But did the bike start? Don't need a battery to start the bike.

    And how did you know the battery was fine? Because you rode it last week? Did you test the battery? If you left a light on for a week the battery won't be fine any more. A small, 6 watt draw will deplete your battery in about half a day! That's less the draw of your parking lights plus the neutral light.

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    The battery is only a resevoir to power things when the engine is off or you're at idle. As suggested, try and start the bike. If it starts, then measure the voltage at the battery terminals...should be close to 7.0v. If not, they you have a charging problem or a bad battery.
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