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Thread: 95 1100 LT Fork Adjustment

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    95 1100 LT Fork Adjustment

    Finishing up a seal replacement job on the forks for a recently acquired K1150LT. Have not put many miles on this bike for a number of reasons, mostly that I'm a bit too short legged to be comfy on it. I noticed that a few other folks have adjusted forks to have a little more tube showing up on the triple tree. How much can I lower the forks without creating a problem with handling? I would like to get just a bit closer to flat footing- but don't want any surprises at highway speeds.. any suggestions?

    BTW.. thanks to those that suggested gaiters... not crazy about the look, but I think they will not be too objectionable with all the tupperware around them and hope the added protection will make the next service a few years down the road

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    To do what you want to do you really need to lower the bike at both ends. You could set the rear shock preload to minimum and maybe get the back to sag a little but it would be bouncy I suspect.

    If you drop the front by raising the fork tubes in the triple clamps it will drop the front, change the steering, and turn in a bit faster.

    The best bet is to get a shorter shock for the rear and the drop the front to keep the bike level. Works, Progressive, and others can provide a shorter shock to your specifications. I wouldn't advise going any more than 1 to 1-1/2 inch shorter. You can only drop the front about an inch or so.
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    I'll start with an inch and see what happens. I do have a Works shock, have it at maximum sag. I spoke with Sandy at Works and he suggested changing the spring to start with. Think I'll give this step a try go from there.

    Thanks for the input!

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