If something is on your mind about anything to do with motorcycling, be that a question, opinion or rant, START A THREAD!

Though my total posts are not that high, I have certainly started many a thread. In EVERY CASE where the title was a question, I (and of course others with the same question) have received multiple - and often useful - answers. When I've given an opinion or rant, again the multiple responses inform not only me but the whole group who are interested in the idea.

We should all research the archives of this forum before posting. Frankly, most of us don't. Few threads I read go back more than a couple months. So go ahead and pose the question or opinion that has probably been posted before. If your question is a technical problem, there is a very good chance someone will give you a thread you just have to click on.

Don't worry too much about which "sub-forum" you use. The mod's are just great about getting your thread into the one which will get the greatest response.

I have attended three international rallys, and very much enjoy the ON mag. But I get the biggest bang for my membership buck from the forum. And I think I don't use this resource to the optimum.