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Thread: Southern WI - Fall Slimey Crud Run

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    Southern WI - Fall Slimey Crud Run

    7 October 2012

    (Let's try this again and, hopefully, we don't get rained out this fall)

    We will meet at the Country Cafe in Sun Prairie, WI and leave for Pine Bluff, WI at 9am.

    Come earlier if you want to have coffee/breakfast before heading out (7:30-8:30am). I'll probably be there around 7:30am.

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    Slimey Crud

    I got to Leland about 11:30 and stuck around until 1:30...didn't see anyone who looked like iMav's avatar.
    The weather was overcast and chilly at 40 degrees when I left home, but had warmed up some and was sunny by the time I got Waunakee (sp?).
    There was a fairly large LEO presence, but they were low key and friendly and were enjoying the scene as much as anybody else.
    It was good to see that the efforts of the rod and gun club had paid off and the pond was full again and looked really nice.
    There was a relatively thin crowd when I got to Leland but things started to pick up by the time I left (because of the temps I guess).
    I headed North on PF to Devil's Lake and Baraboo on the way home and lots of bikes were headed South toward Leland then.
    All and all a good ride and hopefully we'll have a few more good days before we face the long Wisconsin winter. But then again...there's ice fishing and snowbiling to look forward to.
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    I got to Pine Bluff early, i think 9am or so, very few bikes there at first. Started to fill up quickly by 10 or 1030. I left around 11 or 1130. I did see Peter Egan before I left. Just went home. Was tempting to go up to Leland too, but I had had enough of bikes by then. I get burned out just walking around looking at them.
    Decided I'd head home and watch the Packers play. I have to take more of an interest in them now that I am the team owner. OK, "A" team owner. Ultimately I now wish I would have gone to Leland.
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