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Thread: 1978 R100RS Turn Signal Relay

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    1978 R100RS Turn Signal Relay

    Sometimes the turns signals work, sometimes they don't, sometimes I can hear the clicking of the relay in the headlight. I think it is going bad. I have looked on the parts fiche and several different relays are listed. Can someone out there in BMW cyberland tell me what part I am looking for?

    Thank you. I always appreciate the help from those more knowledgeable.
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    Hella flasher

    Mine was doing exactly the same thing. Pulled off the headlight and checked the connections which were clean. The replacement is a $93. Called Mororrad Electric and talked to Rick. He has a flasher for about 1/3 of the price of the hella but will take some rewiring as it is a 3 pole flasher and the ground wire is not used, since my bike is a rider not a show bike I ordered one. Both Capital Cycle and Max have the original flashers.
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    I have also found if the battery is a little on the low side they tend to do exactly what yours is doing. /5's are worse.
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