I, for one, hope that the ON doesn't go away. I like reading stuff printed on paper rather than using my forefinger on a screen to flip pages....
That being said, I have to agree, it is getting harder and harder to "love" the ON.
The portion of stuff geared towards GS riders in general and GS riders riding around the world or in exotic locales, seems to grow with every issue. And this is not me.
Another trend that I observe with concern is that of an increasing level of self-centeredness (is this a word???) which moves the BMW OA and the staff that writes ON awefully close to those who are responsible for HOG and its "Enthusiast". Point in case: ON October 2012, Interview with Hans Blesse. Page 114:
"Who can answer this? Who sells the most motorcycles larger than 500cc in the United States?"
Surprisingly, the answer was BMW, a tidbit most of us did not know.
(There was probably a lot of applause in the audience)

Duuh... I guess the vast majority of motorcycle people in the U.S. did not know that either.
BMW sold 10,203 units in the U.S. in 2011. Harley Davidson sold 151,683 units in 2011. Last time I checked, they don't make a bike under 500cc....