I'm probably posting this in the wrong place but it was the closest to my topic so here goes my hopefully respectful rant:

I'm getting pretty disappointed with the ON magazine after now receiving it for most of this year. I've just read through the most recent copy and can't help but come away from the experience feeling like I was invited to watch someone's slide show of their vacation ad nauseum. I'm sure it's a wonderful thing to see your photo with friends at a rally in the magazine but for me it's a useless waste of space in the publication that could otherwise be used for technical reviews of products and gear, ride reports of places I might want to go, and coverage of what was presented or displayed at these major events. Why would anyone care to see photos of people they don't know enjoying their time with people they don't know? Again, I'm sure these people are avid fans and great people and I'm sure Sedalia was an awesome event but with all due respect and humility, I don't care to pay to subscribe to a publication full of this month after month. I'm sad to say that if it continues I will probably not renew when my membership comes due.

[/rant off]