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Thread: 06 RT funky clutch action!

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    06 RT funky clutch action!

    Just completed the 30,000 mi. service a few months ago. It's kind of weird but when the weather is hot, (not the engine) the clutch action is very stiff and lacking in feel. I can actually release my fingers faster than the lever can return to the released position. This only happens when it's ridden or has sat in the sun while the air temps are above 90 degrees or so. This didn't happen before the service, even if exposed to temps in excess of 115 degrees. Once ridden to cooler climates or the air temp just drops, clutch action returns to normal. Mineral oil was used to flush and replenish the system , and does not feel or act as if there is air in the system. The clutch it self is not slipping or acting as if it is worn out. I am the original owner and live in a relitively dry climate but commute to work where the fog may come in at night but still 15 miles from the ocean so salt air is not suspect. The bike is also garage kept when not ridden. Any ideas to look for the problem?

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    A little more detail could be helpful.

    1- did you do the service or a shop?

    2- is mineral oil specified as replacement fluid by bmw?

    3- why did you drain and flush the system? I don't think bmw calls for clutch fluid replacement on the '06 RT.

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    Mineral oil is spec'd for the clutch circuit by BMW.. most dealers carry some "Magura" oil (they made the master cylinder) for not much money. Is this what was used?
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