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I'd appreciate YOUR analysis of the difference/benefits of the old vs. new rather than a restatement of the BMW promo...
Well, since the bike just debuted and the press kit was a few hours old when I posted that it seemed newsworthy at the time. Like most of us, I have not seen the bike, touched the bike, or of course ridden the bike.

Purely from an observational perspective there are some elements of the design that I see as leaps forward.

1. The wet clutch at the front of the engine means the bike doesn't have to be half disassembled to replace a clutch and there should be no need for clutch hub spline lubrication.

2. The top to bottom mixture flow with fewer bends in the intake/exhaust path should improve efficiency.

3. Cruise control is a big plus.

4. I think the water cooling is a big plus.

There are some things I wonder about.

1. Cylinders cast as part of the block. Would I have to split the cases to replace worn rings?

2. Is the permanent magnet alternator as prone to stator problems as the F twins seem to be?

3. Will there be clearance to do that simple up-front clutch replacement, or does the whole front end need to come off to remove the front cover?

These are just top-of-the-head observations. Once I see the bike, and once a bunch of folks get a bunch of miles, we'll know more.