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This is similar to what they said about Ford when they decided to go with the Ecoboost V6 engine in their best selling F-150. People said a V6 couldn't take the loads and that pick-up owners would not buy it over the traditional V8. The engine has proven to be very reliable and they can't keep up with demand for the engine. I think 40%+ of the F-150s sold are sold with the Ecoboost.

Regarding water leaks. From what I understand, they are replacing the oil cooling with water cooling. Why would water be more likely to leak than oil? Water leaks have not been an issue with ATVs that converted from air to water cooling several years ago (and they are abused far worse than the GS)? Water leaks have not been a problem on cars, trucks, jeeps, tractors, etc. that have been water cooled for over a century.

I have and have had John Deere lawn equipment. 3 were air cooled and two were water cooled (Kawasaki). The air cooled engines used a little oil over the summer but neither of the water cooled engines used any oil the entire summer. Water cooling allows closer tolerances because the heat range is not as great.
Congratulations on your good luck, but you might find the weather to be a little different in the Southwest and outside Marion Va.

Google "water leaks motorcycles" and you get 6,500,000 hits.