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Thread: Identify these hides?

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    Question Identify these hides?

    Hey all,
    My R1100RT came to me used and I'm not complaining. More to the point, I'm interested if anyone came Identify the three different "pleathers" I have for seat vinyl. The first shot is my rider's seat, the second is the passenger's seat and the third is the topcase backrest.

    The rider's seat has a medium grain leather pattern, but the passenger is pretty smooth grained, as you can see. I'm guessing the topcase backrest is from Sargent, judging by the grain pattern. Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks in advance.
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    While I'm not well versed in the source of different leather hides, I think we can safely assume that these came from a species of animal called the nauga.

    PS Considering recent weather events, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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