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Thread: fairing material

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    fairing material

    Unfortunately I laid my 1994 R100 RT down going around a bend. After I finish recovering from a broken collar bone and get my bike back from Washington state, I have some work to do.
    The material the fairing is made of does not look like fiberglass or epoxy, it has more of yellow tint to it.
    Does anyone know if I can use epoxy to repair my fairing. I can handle myself doing repairs , pretty good( much better than handling a twistee !)

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    you can repair them with an automotive design fiberglass repair kit.
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    I have to disagree with using the automotive repair kits. Your fairing is made of SMC (sheet molded composite) and requires an epoxy based material not a polyester which is what the regular fiberglass repair kits are made from. The SMC has a release agent in the material which doesnt like the polyester.

    Do a Google dance on SMC. There is a marine supply called WEST marine which sell the epoxy based materials.

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    I think what PAS was saying is to use a WEST epoxy system to repair the BMW fairing. There is a West Marine, that sells epoxy, but they also sell MAS epoxy based fiberglass repair products along with WEST epoxy systems. The WEST epoxy system can be purchased at many locations other than West Marine.

    FWIW, I bought a WEST epoxy fiberglass repair kit for my Hannigan fairing at a West Marine store. West Marine stores (if you happen to have one locally) have a very good fiberglass repair selection and sell top quality supplies.

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    +1 on epoxy laminating resins. It doesn't have to be West System, but WS is the easiest to find. Many "boat shops" carry West System epoxy.

    Another good source ... TAP Plastics

    West Marine carries West System epoxies. The name is coincidental, West Marine has nothing to do with West Systems (other than selling their products).

    Another source: Aircraft Spruce

    And Jamestown Distributors

    Edit - 3M makes a number of SMC repair products (Panel Boanding Adhesive (epoxy)); usually can be found at a well stocked automotive paint supply shop >
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    Whoah! They're really not tupperware!?
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I am familar with West system and MAS also. It's amazing how many different manufactuers there are of basically the same product. Also a differance in price!
    Thanks again

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