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Thread: prices: new Jeep Wrangler vs new GS Adventure in USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    Many say buying new is absurd as you get to eat the depreciation. I can say that with hard shopping I pay less for my last 4 new PU's than I see the same truck on the mkt for used.
    "Absured" might be a bit harsh, but I agree that if you want value, you buy used. I buy new because I like being the only owner and I have the money to afford that luxury. But, I also have kept this truck since 1989, and I don't have any plans on getting rid of it for the next 10 years at least. Trucks especially are easy to fix and keep on the road.

    But to buy new every 5 or 6 years, yeah, that's crazy unless you really have a lot of spare cash.
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    Yep new isn't such a bad deal if you keep it long enough. Everybody should buy a new car and a new bike at least once, just for the special feeling. The only car I ever bought new is still with me ten years and 146K miles later.
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