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I don't agree. The dealer makes money in his shop (or at least the good ones do) and this is a chance to show you top notch service so you would consider them when you purchase your next bike.

If a business thinks they can afford to run off customers because they didn't buy the vehicle there, they won't last long.

Several independent BMW shops in Colorado prove that money can be made providing quality service to BMW owners.
Bingo! You Sir are correct.

I ran my own business for 10 years before joining the Mairne Corps and this is indeed the key to longevity. Its the little extra you give to make the customer say "ya know, he is a great guy. He didnt have to do that." Even the little things like remembering kids names or where someone is from. I could always get a persons business if I could make friends with thier kids or even pets and I would always give them a deal just a few dollars less than the other guys.