I have taken my bike to the local dealership here in Colorado Springs several times now, twice for warranty service and they just cant seem to get the basic professionalism piece right. The first time I took it in at 4500 miles because the clutch reservoir had been dripping on the paint and the panel paint had worn off the center where it meets the black fuel tank cover had worn off which is totally unacceptable for that few miles on a bike.

The problem is that these clowns kept the bike for a week the first time I took it in. once I got tired of waiting for so much as a phone call to update me on the status of my bike. When I called them they were of course "just about to call me"(yeah right after 6 days) only to find out that they didnt even have the new parts in stock yet and didnt expect them in for at least 10 days. I ride daily so I asked them to give the bike back to me so I could get around since they had no idea when things would actually get done.

So 2.5 weeks later I stopped into the dealership because they had a nice used SV 650 I was interested in. While there I stopped into the service section to see what was up. Amazingly they were "just about to call me" to let me know the parts were in. Stunning coincidence in know. I then scheduled an appt 3 weeks out because that was the first thing they had. I also confirmed that it would be a 1 day job and that I could pick it up the next day.

3 weeks later I dropped the bike off on a Wed night for its Thurs appt and confirmed it would be ready by Thurs afternoon. They stated that it might be Friday as one of the techs had a family emergency. I said that is fine but to call me thurs afternoon to confirm and they agreed. So I finally got a call at 2pm on Friday to tell me the bike wasnt ready because one of the new panels had a scratch. When I asked if I could come take the bike rather than wait 2 more weeks for parts without my bike. This time they refused because the bike was apart and oh yeah some of the parts for the clutch master somehow hadn't come with the replacement parts from Germany.

So they had 6 freaking weeks to make sure the parts were all there and in good condition and still could get their trash in order.

As you can guess still have no bike and more importantly no idea when I will get it back. I am sick of this garbage. I purchased a BMW motorcycle and I think I deserve better service than this.

Someone please help me find a good shop in Colorado Springs, CO for major items. I like to do my own maint but need a shop for things like valves and tire changes. I dont care if its independent but I need someone who gives a S*** about the customer and wants to keep getting my money. Thanks in advance.