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    Hi all, I have a question. I'm looking at Happy Trails side cases for my new 2012 G650GS. Does anyone have any opinions, either positive or negative on this brand of cases. Thanks...
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    I do.

    Had them on my 01 Dakar and have a HT top box mounted on my R1200R. They are well made, remained water tight and are reasonably priced when compared to other brands. The closing system, which uses two compression clamps, is a bit crude, but effective. They do not have the same level of refinement in design and construction as Jesse Bags, but they get the job done for much less money. If you buy them, then definately pay the extra to have them coated. The bare aluminium will blacken everything you put in the cases. I personally prefer the Jesses and know from experience that the Jesses will stand-up better to a tip over (I have 3 sets of Jesses), but I also consider the HT cases to be a quality product.
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    I have a set of HT's on my '03 GS and am very pleased with them. I would buy them again.
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    Helen has a set on her '07 F650GS, got the black ones. She would also buy them again. Easy on/off , though she keeps them on most of the time.
    As mentioned not the gold standard, but do the job at a reasonable price.
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