I have a 2005 Dakar and want to do some dual sport riding. Pavement, fields and single/dbl track. I am looking for some aggressive tires that fit and are in stock. All of the criteria necessary since I already sent in my money for a ride in a couple weeks. Here's what I did. Tell me your opinions - please. I was hoping to get Kenda Trakmaster II or Michilen T63's. But alas Murphy's Law precided.

So, I decided to step out of the comfort zone and get two different tires. Here's why.

The Kenda front tire was not to spec and the suggested tire is 3 inches taller than normal. So I opted for a correctly sized Mich T63 up front. That bike is tall enough already.

The Mich T63 rear was not in stock but the Kenda K760 (also not to spec) was. However in this case the Kenda was the same OD but is 1/2 wider, so I ordered it.

The load and speed ratings for each are similar. The tread patterns are not that different and the length of the knobs is virtually the same on each tire. On highway it might be a little squirrelly, but off road I think they will compatible. And these guys will be for off road almost exclusively. What do you think, am I crazy or should that work out.

Your thoughts!!

BTW, I sold the KLR in the pic