I have searched the forum, and couldn't find this question asked & answered.

I bought a '88 K75S a month ago, and since then it has been on a buddy's lift, slowly but surely getting things replaced and repaired. One issue is that there are no bar-end weights on the handlebar.

Should I just go with the OEM bar-end weights, or get Throttle Meisters, or some other brand? Does anyone have experience replacing the bar-end weights with an aftermarket version? And before someone suggests it, I don't want bar-end mirrors.

It looks like the bike has been dropped on the left side. Some of the fairing is cracked on the underside, and some of the fairing has obviously been repainted - the screws are painted over. At least the paint is in very good condition.

Besides the missing bar-end weights, the end of the plastic coating on the left end has been cut. I'm guessing someone removed the mangled portion. We took apart the throttle grip this last weekend because the throttle would not return to the idle position on it's own; turned out there was rust underneath on the handlebar - probably because there were no bar ends. I joked that we probably should not have removed the rust and lubed everything, I sort of had a poor-man's cruise control.