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Thread: if you won the lottery...

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    Quote Originally Posted by angysdad View Post
    ...I 've always dreamed of owning a Brough Superior...
    Me too and that would be my first purchase. I would also have my rider gear tailored by Norton & Sons on Savile Road in London. After that I would just rent a bike in which ever country I am in. Let others worry about ownership.

    You think if I had unlimited funds I would stick with just one brand ?
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    A number of years ago we were sitting around the office having this discussion about the lottery. I said that I thought I'd just keep working. My boss said no I wouldn't. I said I thought I would. He said, "No, I'd fire you. I can't supervise you now and you need the money". I thought at the time he had a good point. I was a bit independent.
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    I think this subject has come up on virtually every motorcycle forum I've ever looked at. My opinions on this subject have changed over the years.

    First, I'd probably do a full restoration on my current R100RS.

    Then, I'd probably buy a K1600GT for real touring purposes.

    I may pick up either a Sportster 48 or a Sportster 72...just because they look like fun. Maybe both!

    I suspect I would probably be moving a lot of bikes through the gigantic heated garage that I would own; meaning they'd come and go. If filthy rich, I can't see that I'd fill up a place with many motorcycles. I can see maybe 5, at the most, at any given time, but the makes and models would be pretty diverse. The R100RS will be mine as long as I'm taking breath on this earth. That goes for whether I win the lottery or not. I'd also probably always have a current BMW sport-tourer or touring bike.
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    -Buy an existing foundry/machine shop so I could create whatever I dreamed up. Employ honest people. Then, I'd start a museum in the back side of my foundry/machine shop. Slap on a fancy restaurant. Build a blacksmith shop and glass blowing studio next to it and sell trinkets to yuppies.
    -Full restoration of my /2 sidecar rig.
    -Buell XB21R in arctic white.

    That'd be heaven.

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    I would get a tour bus all decked out with a chase crew, and a chef. They would preposition themselves for wherever I would end up each day....hop off the bike, hand it over to the mechanic and enjoy a good meal. Wake up the next morning and repeat. Did I mention the bus would be large enough to have several bikes transported? I wouldn't want to overwork my mechanic!
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    I don't really want any more stuff, but we do have room for a couple more bikes, so they would be a Harley SuperGlide Sport, and a bevel drive Ducati 900 SS. One of those silver and blue jobbies. These being totally different from my ST.

    Oh yeah, and I'd keep working.

    When I think about winning the Lotto, my main fantasy is never, ever, having to step into a commercial aviation terminal again.

    I'd just buy a new water - cooled R1200GS...lkChris
    I was looking at the pices Ian put up, and that thing is just exotic. I'm waiting for the ST rendition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    i'd buy a few members here a new bike...
    2012 R1200GS

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    Just to remind can't win if you don't play!

    We missed $33 million by one digit, as in our final number out of six was 37 and the number for $33 mil was 36. We came that close. But what the hell, something is better than nothing!

    And nope, didn't get a new bike out of it. All of the money went to the kids education (private school is friggin expensive!)

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    I'd buy a tailgate airplane and load it with skydivers on the weekends and haul freight with it during the week. And I would load it with riders and bikes and go to where ever we wanted to ride......But seriously.........the skydiving thing first!

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    I suppose it would indicate my having lost my mind, knowing how I feel about lotteries, but for fun I'll say we'd buy more airline tics to more distant places. I've got too many bikes already & don't want to work or move.

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    I've been telling the family and friends for years that I'm going fishing. That's still the plan......anywhere they are biting, and any species in the world.

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