I'm sure many of you have been there. Beautiful, sunny 60 degree day-- perfect for a ride. Go to start, half turn of of engine, click click click. Finally started, volt meter at about 13. 25 miles down the x-way (70-80 mph the whole way), total construction back up, crawl a mile or so, then it stalls and won't START!! CLICK CLICK CLICK. Push it to the side. Props to Progressive Insurance Road Side Assistance- within a half hour friendly dude in an Escort with portable jump arrives. Starts instantly and I get home w/o a problem. Now to the point: New battery from BMW dealer, 35 yr old alternator (only 18k miles, new pts, plugs, condensor, coils, rebuilt carbs etc), highest volt reading is about 13 (dude with the portable jumper said he usually gets a reading over 14 after restart, he confirmed my highest was 13). I usually run with the high beam on during the day. When I turn the lights off, I get almost 14. I regularly have problem with starting when bike sits a week or so. It will fire, but barely. So I assume alternator is the culprit. Rebuild or replace?? Replacement alternators look like best alternative. The factory original starter seems a little slow too? What about doing the starter also? Cost for new components?? Like to hear from those of you who have switched these out. Thx.