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Thread: K1300GT: Faulty Fuel Injectors

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    K1300GT: Faulty Fuel Injectors

    Has anyone experienced an issue with their fuel injectors? I recently had my bike towed to a dealer for repairs. The fuel injectors were fouled with "gunk." (It sits in the garage for several months of the year.) Any suggestions for what I can do or use to keep them clean?
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    With todays gas blends, you have to add some stabilizer if sitting for any amount of time. Sta-Bil marine treatment for ethanol is what I have used if I store a bike for ANY time.

    The tank is plastic, it's not a lining issue...sometimes it's stale fuel. We have a top tier station we use a lot, but it seems folks do not buy the high octane as much as mid and regular grades. My R12S does not do well with premium from that particular station and spits/dies until I either add Techron or burn that fuel off. I changed stations for premium purchases and don't duplicate the problems. it's odd.I have had one issue with one of our K's, but Techron cleared it that day.
    We add Techron concentrate regularly to our two K12S's and keep fresh fuel in them ( ridden a LOT).

    The newer K's do seem to clog quickly, I didn't do a search here, but recall threads in the past with same issue.
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    Agree with Henzilla about the Techron.
    It's great stuff.
    It sounds to me like you're getting bad gas. This is one area where I refuse to go cheap, and it's because of issues just like this. Some stations are selling fuel that is BARELY fuel.
    What I've done is to limit myself to Chevron Supreme ONLY, and only from a station that looks fairly new. It's not worth it to save a dime and take a risk of screwing up the fuel system. And Chevron gas all has techron it it, which will keep your injectors nice and clean. And it also seems to keep the fuel strip working.
    Some folks tell me I'm paranoid, but I've replaced injectors before on cars and bikes that were subjected to cheap gas. About 15 years ago I started using only Chevron in my vehicles (and only Supreme in my bikes), and I haven't had any weird fuel system issues since then. I pay more for it, but this (to me) is not a good place to try and save a few bucks. In those 15 years, I've had three trucks easily live to see 250k-300k miles with my current truck over 100k. And the fuel strip in my GT has survived as well (replaced once soon after buying it).
    I chose Chevron because most automotive testing agencies use it. And I steer clear of filling stations that look really old, because there is a good chance that their tanks are leaking and/or have a lot of water in them.

    I know it's hard to pass on a station selling gas fifteen cents cheaper than the guy across the street...but it's worth every penny to put good fuel into these bikes.
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    "The fuel injectors were fouled with 'gunk'" does not describe faulty fuel injectors.

    It describes faulty fuel.
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    Agree, not the injectors, but gunk gunking them up. Ever since the issues of stalling on these bikes and the recommendation by BMW to add their fuel treatment (rebranded Techron) I add a half container to every fill up at home, and then do my best to only get premium from high volume places while on the road, preferably Chevron if I can afford it.......
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