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Thread: Vote Chad Yoshetomi Onto The US GS Trophy Challenge Team

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    Thumbs up Vote Chad Yoshetomi Onto The US GS Trophy Challenge Team

    Note: The forum software will not let me spell Chad's last name correctly because it has a banned word imbedded. The correct spelling uses an 'i' where I have an 'e'. If a mod can correct this, then please do.)

    Last week in Moab, UT BMW conducted the West Coast qualifier to select riders to represent the USA in the upcoming international competition in South America. Three riders were selected after a two day competition; three additional riders were selected in an East Coast qualifier. BMW, for reasons that escape me, has decided to select the final three riders based upon the number of votes each rider can get on Facebook. I'm asking for your vote for Chad Yoshetomi of Anchorage, Alaska. I believe you do not need a Facebook account to vote.

    If you have ever attended Dust 2 Dawson you know that Chad (HackyMoto) is a remarkable rider. When you watch him you will find yourself thinking, "Oh no!!! There is no hope, he's going down." Then there is a roar of an engine, a cloud of dirt and out emerges Hacky with a huge grin on his face. He is Mr. Excitement on a motorcycle. Chad was first on day one of the competition. Riders rode a 40+ mile course and along the way were challenged to complete 2 dozen special tasks. On day two riders competed in a closed course that included events such as riding through a maze, over multiple heavy equipment tires and riding on a telephone pole; Chad was second in this event. If the final team were to be selected based upon skill, courage and performance, then Chad would certainly be on the team.

    Vote here:

    Be careful scrolling down the screen to Chad. If you click on a rider's picture it will count as a vote.
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