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    Smile Newby From Northern,BC

    Hello all.. I apologize if this is a bit long winded....
    Just joined up and I am sooo excited to be here and becoming a member. Why did I sign up?
    I have been riding bikes since I was 12, starting with a Honda 50 Minibike. Graduated to a Yamaha 175 enduro when I was 17. Got my first BMW in 1978, when I was around 20yrs old which was a R90/6. Bought used from Philip Funnel BMW in Vancouver. A name synonymous with BMW and Riding Enthusiasts. At least here in BC.

    And here is the kicker! Wanna know how great the BMW community can be? When I bought that R90/6, it was 1000 miles away from me, with no real way of getting it. I still only had my learners license for a motorcycle. I just knew it was the one I wanted.
    To my surprise, Philip Funnel himself, the owner of the store offered to ride the bike up here, and I would pay for expenses etc, and the flight back to vancouver. I thought he was joking!

    I was flabbergasted....Unbelievable. He did just that, delivered that bike to me, a 1000 mile trip, and even took my older sister out for dinner. A true inspiration for me at the time as I was so young. I have never forgotten that and never will.

    I owned that bike for 4 years, took my drivers test on that bike, and passed with flying colours. A testament to how great it handled, even for a small guy like me..5'6" and 140lbs. I added a WindJammer Fairing to it and my biggest trip with the bike was from Prince Rupert, BC to San Diego and back. 7 weeks of pure bliss. And put over 30,000 miles on in three years.

    I sold it (foolish I know), and later got a Suzuki GS100EX. Had that one for about 10 yrs, riding off and on. But to tell the truth, I grew to hate it.

    Then came marriage and kids, and that bike was sold. The kids are now all grown up and I have been without for a long time...but next Saturday I will once again be the proud owner of a BMW....a 2002 R1150RT.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to the community and look forward to getting back into the Beemer saddle once again.

    The pic I am posting is from the current owner, but will post others once it's

    Thanks to all of you for the support offered to riders and the friendships that develop as a result of people willing to share and help others.


    Bikes once owned:
    Honda C50 Minibike ( I was 12, so I didn't really buy it)
    Yamaha 175 Enduro
    BMW R90/6
    Suzuki GS1100EX
    Konker 250 Enduro

    And in one week from today..
    BMW 2002 R1150RT
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